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heavy duty canned motor pump Capacity:Max. 1000m³/h Head:Max. 200m Output:Max.560kW Application:this product design is based on API685 international standard, and applicable for organic &inorganic chemicals, vacuum series, high pressure series, and other nuclear used radioactive liquid and so on.

Applicable power supply: 380V and 50/60Hz; designed operation power range:180kW560kW, filled up the blank of this power range under normal voltage for our country’ s domestic canned motor pump and can help customers break away from high voltage power supply, and reduce customers operation costs. This product design is based on API 685 international standard; the whole machine possesses 11items of patented intellectual property. The all new wiring plate design makes the pressure resistance of this product reach 12MPa, and truly realize pressure containment of whole machine. The temperature monitoring design at many points can monitor key positions of equipments at real time and ensure safe operation of key component and whole machine effectively. Non-water self -cooling structure reduces the consumption of cooling water and resource waste under the precondition of improving heat dissipation of products themselves.