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Dalian Teikoku won the Famous Brand of Liaoning province in the year of 2016
Large tax payer
Escorted for “Shenzhou” spaceship in 2000
Obtained the honor certificate for the magazine “fluid machine “co-organizer in 2004
Obtained the title of Liaoning advanced unit for the disabled employment during the period of the10t
China Blue star group designated supplier for 2006
Excellent supplier of Yantai Ebara for 2006
Excellent supplier of Jiangsu Shuangliang for 2006
Obtained Dalian advanced unit for 2004-2005 in 2006
Obtained the certificate for first-tier supply network of China petrol and natural gas in 2007
Qualified supplier of Qinshan nuclear power station for 2007
Excellent supplier for 2007
Obtained Dalian environmental protection model enterprise in 2005
Obtained the excellent supplier of Dalian Sanyo refrigeration in 2008
Obtained Liaoning advanced unit for personal income tax withholding in 2010
Dalian famous brand product for 2011
Dalian inspection exemption enterprise for 2012
Escorted for the launch of “Shenzhou” spaceship in June 2013
Special contribution unit for tax payment for Sanjianpu Street for 2014
Obtained the title of the excellent supplier of Yantai Ebara for 2013 in March 2014
Love donation in April 2014
Passed the review of Dalian high-tech enterprise for 2013-2015 in May 2014
Obtained the certificate for “Dalian tax payment credit grade AAA”
Awarded the title of “best supplier” of BOMBARDIER CPC for 2010 in February 2011
Obtained “Industrial leading enterprise” for Lvshunkou district in March 2012