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Obey discipline and law: obey legislation and social moral rule, and abide by consciously different items of regulations of the company; 

Reward society: enhance mutual trust relationship between all of interest related sides including customers, shareholder, supplier, employee and all walks of life and make contribution to the development;

international relationship: fully respect local cultural custom, coordinate international community relationship and make contribution to local stable development while observing laws and regulations of different countries;

Protection of global environment: strive to reduce environmental pollution in enterprise activities and save energy and realize resource recycle, and construct an environmental friendly enterprise without pollution for human being and the earth;

Implementation of enterprise ethical norms: To be scrupulous in separating public from private interest and conscientious about being strict with yourselves using behavior standard of business people, and keep perfect and harmonious relationship with local official authorities, and resist sharply the power objecting to social system;

Respect of human rights: respect human rights, and forbid discrimination or sexual harassment because of difference in nationality, race and gender and so on, make effort to build up a work environment full of youthful spirit and performing talent;

Product security: pay attention to the security of each process during production of products and provide more safe and reliable products for society;

Customer satisfaction: Customer first and strive to provide better quality service for customers;

Information control: intensify internal management system, and keep strictly enterprise confidentiality and personal information and prohibit leaking secret or seeking private secrets;